• 2017-06-02

The resolution of legal disputes is a process which requires special knowledge and skills and its success depends on the right strategy and the professionalism of your representative.

Corporate services /including subscription-based services/

• Mergers and acquisitions

• Drafting corporate documents

• Consultations on civil, corporate and tax law as well as other areas of business law

• Drafting legal recommendations

• Participation in negotiations

• Drafting contracts and other documents corresponding to specific business operations of our clients

• Extrajudicial dispute resolution

• Analysis of the Armenian legislation upon the request of the client

• Providing legal evaluations on the judicial prospects of a dispute

Advocacy and representation in litigations

• Assessment regarding the problems stemming from legal disputes and handling their settlement

• Drafting and submission of complaints, applications, motions, and other procedural documents

• Participation in litigations

• Representation in the process of compulsory enforcement of judicial acts

Resolution of legal disputes

In private legal relations: property law, conclusion and performance of contracts, debt collection, corporate disputes, bankruptcy, intellectual property rights, compensation of damages, handling inheritance cases.

In public legal relations: tax disputes, challenging normative legal acts of state and local self-government bodies, unfavorable administrative acts (decisions, orders and administrative injunctions), actions and inactions thereof, obliging them to issue a favorable administrative act, recognition of the existence of legal relations, challenging notarial actions.

Legal expertise of transactions

• Legal analysis of transactions,

• Reviewing the object of a contract,

• Ensuring clarity of contractual terms,

• Making recommendations on the elimination or mitigation of the identified risks stemming from transactions,

• Drafting contractual terms ensuring the best interests of our clients,

• Making recommendations on measures to ensure the due performance of contractual obligations,

• Reviewing the possibility of the effective performance of transactions based on the laws in force in the RA .

“HS Partners” Law Firm

• Performs all contractual obligations

• Meets the deadlines

• Maintains its arrangements about the price of legal services

• Guarantees high level of professionalism

• Guarantees confidentiality of transactions and all the information contained in legal documents