About us

  • 2017-06-01

HS Partners Law Firm was established by lawyers who have hands-on experience in the Armenian legal System.
Since its establishment, we assumed the mission of protecting human rights and freedoms as well as the lawful interests of legal entities. In doing so, we acknowledge that laws should find their roots in the natural rights of human beings.

It is not a coincidence that our slogan refers to the knowledge of rights. We believe that only the awareness of your rights will help you to prevent possible violations and ensure future success. Consequently, we emphasize the importance of self-defense of your rights which derives from the knowledge and understanding thereof.
Emphasizing the role of law in our social life we give a list of some basic rights whose effective protection depends on the professionalism of your representative. Those are listed below:

1. Right to life
2. Right to liberty
3. Freedom of speech and freedom of expression
4. Right to work / right to create
5. Right to family
6. Right to property

In protecting the rights and lawful interests of our clients we proceed with the belief that human dignity is the basis for all laws, and ethics creates boundaries for law.